"So won't you say goodnight,so I can say goodbye"

About Me
archie / anathema. he/him. 17 >_-.
ask for other info.

I am critical of the media I am interested in + I do not interact with the fandoms most of the time.

Before You Interact
-I am paranoid + experience delusions.
-I say slurs i can reclaim.
-I tend to get into arguments a lot + have a short fuse at times.
-I say suicide jokes/paranoia jokes (i'm in your walls, kms+kys ect).

Do Not Interact
Typing quirk users
Reylo shippers.
if you encourage peoples delusions & if you are anti recovery or defend it.
+ If i don't like you i'll just block you.

radiohead. nbc hannibal. jet set radio. the groupchat. fighter jets. supermega. fight club.

zee. andre. wybie. rhine. tony.

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